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High-Wing Control Cable AD 2005-24-10
Updated 4/13/2006

This AD was precipitated by an inflight failure on a Citabria 7KCAB*, leading to the discovery of a number of improperly swaged control cables at American Champion Aircraft, all manufactured before August 12, 2005.

NEW!   An article describing the complete inspection process will be published in the April issue of B-C Contact!

[Picture of failed aileron cable edited by Cy Galley]             Aileron Cable Unglued

  1. It applies only to control cables manufactured by American Champion Aircraft.

  2. It applies only to the 7- and 8-series of Champions, Citabrias, Decathlons and Scouts.

  3. It applies to all new airplanes manufactured by American Champion Aircraft. (1989-2005)

  4. It applies to all replacement control cables purchased from American Champion Aircraft
    before August 12, 2005.

  5. It does not apply to you if you own an Aeronca, Champion or Bellanca-built airplane (pre-1988)
    and have not replaced any control cables.

  6. Regardless of the above, it does not apply to you if more than 250 hours have been logged on either your new ACA airplane or replacement of control cables on older airplanes.

  7. Full Text of AD in Adobe Format (.pdf) for your reading pleasure straight from the FAA's mouth.

  8. American Champion Aircraft Service Letter 427B in Adobe Format (.pdf)

* (1/30/2006) A member reports that a set (4) of aileron cables were installed during a rebuild in 2003. They were purchased from ACA in August, 2002. While doing some air work, one of the improperly swaged nicopress fittings slipped and allowed a cable to disconnect, leaving only partial aileron control. Only the right aileron would move, and it would only move up. He managed to fly back to the airport and make an uneventful landing. The cable had 93 hours on it. Given a different circumstance and maybe a bad elevator cable, the outcome could have been quite different.

Another member discovered at least one bad cable on his 2002 Citabria 7GCBC in an inspection prompted by the original Service Letter and this AD.

In view of these reports, we recommend immediate control cable inspections if the AD applies (above) to your airplane. We understand that American Champion has designed a $15 tool that cuts the inspection time considerably. Call their Parts Department 800-223-9381.

This subject was covered in the October issue of B-C Contact! (and Aeronca Aviator) and includes inspection suggestions along with a clear illustration by Editor-in-Chief Cy Galley.

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