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The Bellanca-Champion Type includes several models and sub-types:
        High-Wings originated with the 1945 Aeronca Champ, passed on to the
Champion Company in 1955 and finally were absorbed by Bellanca ~1970
        Triple-Tails (Low-Wings) originated with the pre-war Cruisair Jr. and
eventually morphed into the Cruisemasters
        Vikings (Low-Wings) were developed from the 260 Cruisemaster in 1965 Super Viking
        Aries model T-250 is not really a Bellanca, but was designed by
the Anderson-Greenwood Company, who purchased Bellanca and
had the company build them. Only four were ever produced,
but there are at least two still flying
        Leo Horishny's BIG Bellancas contain interesting stories and pictures of
G.M. Bellanca's unique airplanes of the 1920s through the 1930s
Aircruised C-27

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