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This drawing by Joe Dickey appeared in the Aeronca Aviators Club newsletter issue 15 Page 7.

Joe Dickey's Drawing
Image researched and enhanced by B-C Contact! Editor Cy Galley.

Aeronca Champ
All issues of the Aeronca Aviators Club newsletter are available
from the Bellanca-Champion Club in volumes as follows:

B20-201Volume 1Issues 1-4
B20-202Volume 2Issues 5-8
B20-203Volume 3Issues 9-12
B20-204Volume 4Issues 13-16
B20-205Volume 5Issues 17-20
B20-206Volume 6Issues 21-24
B20-207Volume 7Issues 25-28
B20-208Volume 8Issues 29-32
B20-209Volume 9Issues 33-36

Each Volume is now only $14.95 for Club Members, $19.95 for non-Members

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