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  Christmas Ornament     [MI-527]     Bellancas Around the Tree   $9.95-Member / $15.95-Non-Member    

  SunShield     [MI-970]     $119.95-Member / $139.95-Non-Member   (Shipping & Ins. $23 (US), $38 (Canada), Overseas added at cost)    

  Posters Qty
      Viking... Wins Again Poster     [MI-409]    11 x 15
      Decathlon - Champion of.. Poster     [MI-425]    11 x 15
      Bellanca Family of Airplanes Poster     [MI-427]    11 x 15
      Bellanca Cruisair 1946 Ad     [MI-401]    11 x 15
      Citabria / Fokker WW I Poster     [MI-421]    11 x 15
      Citabria / P-40 Poster     [MI-422]    11 x 15
      Sired by the Flash Poster     [MI-403]    11 x 15
      Scout "do the jobs of many"     [MI-432]    11 x 15
    "Champion by Aeronca" Nostalgia Print     [MI-434]    11 x 15
    Aeronca Sedan "Amazing New 4-place"     [MI-437]  11 x 15

      T-Shirts (Pure White unless indicated) Adult Sizes Youth Sizes
MI-353     Super Super Viking! - T-shirt o/s o/s o/s o/s o/s
MI-337     Aeronca Champ & Chief - Long-Sleeve (Ash) o/s o/s o/s
MI-363     High-Wing Special 4XL (use XXL column to order) n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
MI-367     High-Wing Formation - Long-Sleeve (Natural) o/s o/s o/s
MI-342     Viking Revenge - T-shirt o/s o/s
MI-347     Viking Revenge - Long-Sleeve (Natural)
MI-323B     Dream Bellanca - Light Blue n/a n/a
MI-323R     Dream Bellanca - Red n/a n/a
MI-323T     Dream Bellanca - Tan n/a n/a

    Item Qty
    Citabria / Decathlon Aerobatic Color Manual     [B-410]
    Champion Citabria Aerobatic Course     [B-412]
    Pilot Proficiency Manual   (Bellanca 1970s)     [B-414]
    Aerobatics 1918    [B-416]

    Item Qty
    Bellanca Emblem, White     [MI-603]

    Bellanca-Champion Club Full Color Patch [MI-101]

Baseball Caps
Navy Stone Taupe Khaki Red
      Citabria / Decathlon Cap     [MI-561] o/s
      It's a Bellanca! Cap     [MI-531]
      Super Viking Cap     [MI-541] n/a

    Citabria/Decathlon Pins [MI-623] Blue/Gold
    Triple-Tail Pins   [MI-621] Red Plane
Blue Plane
    Super Viking Pins   [MI-625] Red/White
Silver Plane

Due to the huge rise in the cost of
processing credit cards, a $2 surcharge
will be added to dues regardless
of the length of membership/renewal.
Thanks for understanding.
Bellanca-Champion Club *Dual* w/Aeronca Aviators Club
  Membership Renewals 1-yr 2-yr 3-yr 1-yr 2-yr 3-yr
  Domestic (U.S. Addresses) $44 $83 $125 $79 $153 $230
  International (All Others) $47 $89 $134 $82 $159 $239
*Dual* is full membership in both Clubs; a $7 discount per year.  
By joining now, Member pricing will be extended to your purchases. If you are only renewing membership, please ignore any shipping charges shown.  

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