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  Christmas Ornament     [MI-527]     Bellancas Around the Tree   $9.95-Member / $15.95-Non-Member    

  SunShield     [MI-970]     $99.95-Member / $119.95-Non-Member   (Shipping & Ins. $18 (US), $35 (Canada), Overseas added at cost)    

  Posters Qty
      Viking... Wins Again Poster     [MI-409]    11 x 15
      Decathlon - Champion of.. Poster     [MI-425]    11 x 15
      Bellanca Family of Airplanes Poster     [MI-427]    11 x 15
      Bellanca Cruisair 1946 Ad     [MI-401]    11 x 15
      Citabria / Fokker WW I Poster     [MI-421]    11 x 15
      Citabria / P-40 Poster     [MI-422]    11 x 15
      Sired by the Flash Poster     [MI-403]    11 x 15
      Scout "do the jobs of many"     [MI-432]    11 x 15
      "Champion by Aeronca" Nostalgia Print     [MI-434]    11 x 15
      Aeronca Sedan "Amazing New 4-place"     [MI-437]    11 x 15

      T-Shirts (Pure White unless indicated) Adult Sizes Youth Sizes
MI-353     Super Super Viking! - T-shirt o/s o/s o/s o/s o/s
MI-337     Aeronca Champ & Chief - Long-Sleeve (Ash) o/s o/s o/s
MI-321     Triple-Tails in Action - T-shirt o/s n/a n/a
MI-327     Triple-Tails in Action - Long-Sleeve (Natural) o/s n/a n/a
MI-363     High-Wing Special 4XL (use XXL column to order) n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
MI-367     High-Wing Formation - Long-Sleeve (Natural) o/s o/s o/s
MI-342     Viking Revenge - T-shirt o/s
MI-347     Viking Revenge - Long-Sleeve (Natural)
MI-323B     Dream Bellanca - Light Blue n/a n/a
MI-323R     Dream Bellanca - Red n/a n/a
MI-323T     Dream Bellanca - Tan n/a n/a

      Knitted Sports Shirts (Currently Available)
  M   L XL Long-Sleeve XL
MI-324V     It's a Bellanca! Sport Shirts - Navy o/s o/s o/s o/s
MI-344F     Super Viking Sport Shirts - Forest Green o/s o/s o/s
MI-344F             - Black o/s o/s o/s
MI-344V     High-Wing Sport Shirts - Black o/s o/s o/s
MI-364V                                         - Navy Blue o/s o/s o/s
MI-364Y                                         - Royal Blue o/s o/s o/s
MI-364M                                         - Maroon o/s o/s o/s

    Item Qty
    Citabria / Decathlon Aerobatic Color Manual     [B-410]
    Champion Citabria Aerobatic Course     [B-412]
    Pilot Proficiency Manual   (Bellanca 1970s)     [B-414]
    Aerobatics 1918    [B-416]

    Item Qty
    Bellanca Emblem, White     [MI-603]
    Bellanca Emblem, Gold     [MI-604]

    Bellanca-Champion Club Full Color Patch [MI-101]

Baseball Caps
Navy Stone Taupe Khaki Red
      Citabria / Decathlon Cap     [MI-561] o/s
      It's a Bellanca! Cap     [MI-531] n/a
      Super Viking Cap     [MI-541] n/a
      Aeronca Aviators Club Cap     [MI-A501] n/a

    Citabria/Decathlon Pins [MI-623] Blue/Gold
    Triple-Tail Pins   [MI-621] Red Plane
Blue Plane
    Super Viking Pins   [MI-625] Red/White
Silver Plane

Bellanca-Champion Club *Dual* w/Aeronca Aviators Club
  Membership Renewals 1-yr 2-yr 3-yr 1-yr 2-yr 3-yr
  Domestic (U.S. Addresses) $38 $72 $108 $66 $128 $192
  International (All Others) $43 $81 $122 $71 $137 $206
*Dual* is full membership in both Clubs; a $7 discount per year.  
By joining now, Member pricing will be extended, but your receipt won't show it yet. If you are only renewing membership, please ignore any shipping charges shown.  

 Please provide information below: 

    Member ID: [Member prices extended only to members in good standing]
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