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Membership is open to ALL who have an interest in the Bellanca, Champion, Aeronca and derivative lines of aircraft. Ownership and pilot ratings are NOT required. All memberships are individual (name and contact info required) and includes our quarterly magazine B-C Contact!, email and telephone support, free ads in our Fly Market, discounted member prices from our Publication Catalog and the Gift Shop, and special purchases from time to time.


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Aeronca Aviators Club
* Dual - Concurrent membership in the Aeronca Aviators Club (a $35 value) is only $28 per year.
U.S.         1 year - $66       2 years - $128           3 years - $192
Int'l:         1 year - us$71   2 years - us$137       3 years - us$206
                [Int'l memberships are outside U.S., and are based on mailing address and sent via Air Mail]

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