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Samples of Actual Compression Cracks (Page 2)

Sample 2 - Top of Spar

Located at the inboard doubler plate, this is most likely what people will be looking for with their mirrors. It is subtle, but quite apparent if you know what to look for. It is jagged, not straight. A straight line is most probably only a scratch in the varnish. Note also that it does not go all the way across the top of the spar. Wouldn't want to do much acro with this.

Front Face

Rear Face Sample 3 - Top of Spar

This is the Great Crevasse of Lynn. Located at the classic position, outboard end of the doubler plate. If you find this in your spar, it's the end of it. It should be noted that when this was still in the plane, it appeared much less obvious. The gap was tight, and opened up after the fabric was removed. The fabric was actually pulling things together.

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