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Bellanca / Aeronca   Christmas  Joint Special Order Project

These special prices are predicated on meeting a minimum of 24 pieces per design (i.e., High-Wing, Viking, Champ, etc.)
The buying decision will be made by November 16; your card will not be charged (checks not cashed) until then and only if we meet the minimums.

Embroidered Knit Shirts 100% Ringspun Cotton Pique

First line: Aeronca Champ, Aeronca Chief.
Second line: Citabria/Decathlon, Aeronca L-16.
Third line: Viking, Triple-Tail.

Aeronca Champ Aeronca Chief

Citabria/Decathlon L-16

Super Viking Its' a Bellanca!

All Knit Shirts are available in Red, Maroon, Grey (Heather), Light Blue, Navy,
Forest Green, Royal Blue, White and Black

          Member Price $37.95 (Non-Member Price is $47.95)

          add $3 for sizes 2XL and 3XL.
Personalization in the form of one line (typically your tail number) can be added at $7 each shirt.

Cool Outback Hat

70% cotton, UPF 45+ UV protection, mesh vented insert on crown for breathability, adjustable chin strap w/pull-up fabric chin lock, interior self-adhesive closure pocket.

Hats are available in Large (7-1/4) or Extra Large (7-5/8) Most of us are Large.

High-Wing, Viking, It's a Bellanca!, Aeronca Champ, Aeronca Chief, L-16

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          Member Price $29.95 (Non-Member Price is $35.95)

Aerobatics & Proficiency Book Combo

Top: This beautiful color reproduction of the "Aerobatics" booklet distributed by Bellanca 1970s details the basic maneuvers specifically for the Citabria and Decathlon. Aircraft specifications, descriptions, entry speeds and overall requirements are shown on these glossy, heavy-weight pages.

Bottom: Pilot Proficiency Training Manual was written in the 1970s specifically for Bellanca. This book begins with the basics of cockpit familiarization, taxiing, tailwheel specifics, takeoff, etc. and winds up with explanation of the basic aerobatic maneuvers as performed in the Citabria and Decathlon. Full-color cover and two-color layout throughout with extensive illustration. An excellent introduction / re-orientation to High-Wings.
MI-920   Member Price: 43.90   Special Price: 29.95       Non-Member Price: 57.90   Special Price: 39.95

Ordering Information: All Domestic Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. Charges are:
Total Quantity of 1: $8.50
Total Quantity of 2 or more: $14.50
(Membership Dues are exempt)
      New York State residents only:   The appropriate sales tax will be added.

Outside U.S. - Shipping charges will be at cost.   Please specify desired method on order form.

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