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Cruisair and Cruisemaster Page

Junior     CarolinaJr 1939 Cruisair Junior model 14-9. First of G.M. Bellanca's General Aviation models. Three-seater powered by the 90 hp Ken Royce radial engine.
Follow-up model 14-12 offered higher HP engines from Lenape, Franklin and Ken Royce.
Cruisair Senior 1946 Cruisair Senior model 14-13-2 powered by the 150 hp Franklin 6-cylinder engine.
Cruisemaster 190 1950 Cruisemaster model 14-19 powered by the 190 hp Lycoming O-435
Cruisemaster 230     Cruisemaster 230
1958 Cruisemaster model 14-19-2 powered by the 230 hp Continental O-470
Cruisemaster 260     Cruisemaster 260
1960 Cruisemaster model 14-19-3 (Bellanca 260) powered by the 260 hp Continental IO-470
Note the nosewheel.
Cruisemaster 260
1960 Cruisemaster model 14-19-3A (Bellanca 260B/C) powered by the 260 hp Continental IO-470
Note that this is no longer a Triple-Tail; it has the new Viking tail.

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