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Question: Exhaust heat is causing the paint on the left lower cowling to bubble on the Super Viking. It appears that originally there was some type of insulating materal on the inside of the cowl. Would you have any suggestions for a repair for this problem?

Answer:   The exhaust is too hot for the cowl without the insulation originally installed.  This piece is a square of material 18" x 21" bonded to the inside surface of the cowl using fiberglass resin.  The factory (320-763-4088) now uses a different material then used in the past; the old baffle-seal materials used asbestos and were replaced with neoprene coated glass cloths many years ago. They can send you pre-cut seals or the raw material. Some A&Ps will also put a large blob of high heat silicone caulking on the exhaust heat muff at the rear corner that is closest to the cowl.  This prevents the muff from touching the cowl as the engine vibrates around in its rubber motor mounts.

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