BELLANCA Airbus Aircruiser C-27 Links

The Canadian Aviation Historical Society was one of the first places I wrote to in researching this airplane. Without their help and information, this page wouldn't be as complete or as interesting as it is. Robert W. Bradford, the artist for the painting of "The Big Bellanca" on my opening page, is the patron of the CAHS, as well as retired director of the National Aviation Museum.

Western Canada Aviation Museum has their own page dedicated to bush flying in Canada. It's worth noting that their logo is an Aircruiser silhouette. They have 4 photographs of Aircruisers on their site.

Manitoba Aviation Page. Gimli, MB, was the last home for CF-BTW before it was sold to the Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum, new home of the last flying Aircruiser, the former CF-BTW.

Aero Data Files has a very impressive collection of Bellanca data.

Reality Software [website unavailable] has a nice shot of NC 10796, the Airbus owned by the La Touraine Coffee company. This photograph was taken some time in the 1930's at the Owl's Head Airport in Rockland, Maine. They also have other photographs and products in their Historic Transportation section.

The A. J. Jackson Photographic Collection has a photograph listed in its collection for a C-27A.

Harley's Place (now offline) had a set of hand drawn plans for the USAAC C-27 version of the Aircruiser. If anyone finishes one and wants to show it off, let me know and I'd be happy to add a link to your page or add a scan of your handiwork.

The Toon Tracker Homepage, has an episode of this late 50's unique cartoon, which featured the characters flying in a Bellanca Airbus.

at Rivercrest CF-BTW on Skis

New photos courtesy of
Norm Penner show CF-BTW on floats at Rivercrest, and also on skis wearing Trans-Air colors.

        Original Photos